Moving On Up: 11 Tips for Success In A New City

"Build your team. Trust your gut. Save, save, save. Network. Study and pivot. Don't overthink. Be determined. Perspective. Explore. Stay true to yourself. Cultivate friendships."

Moving to a new “world” can be rewarding. Whether you’re a fresh college graduate, a young professional or someone who is seeking a new path in their life, moving to a new city can be the refresher that you need. With 2018 on our horizon, the new year signifies a chance to relocate and move to new beginnings.

To help inspire and guide you into your big move to a city we asked 11 creatives from Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY on one piece of advice they would give to someone who’s looking to move to a major metropolitan city.

Daniel Lee, Freelance Stylist

24 / New York, NY


“My advice would be once a person moves to a big city to explore everything within their career field to learn how to make good advancements. I believe one should discipline themselves and get solid and locked into their career before they explore too many extracurricular activities that may throw them off course of their path.”