Moving On Up: 11 Tips for Success In A New City

"Build your team. Trust your gut. Save, save, save. Network. Study and pivot. Don't overthink. Be determined. Perspective. Explore. Stay true to yourself. Cultivate friendships."

Moving to a new “world” can be rewarding. Whether you’re a fresh college graduate, a young professional or someone who is seeking a new path in their life, moving to a new city can be the refresher that you need. With 2018 on our horizon, the new year signifies a chance to relocate and move to new beginnings.

To help inspire and guide you into your big move to a city we asked 11 creatives from Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY on one piece of advice they would give to someone who’s looking to move to a major metropolitan city.

Daniel Lee, Freelance Stylist

24 / New York, NY


“My advice would be once a person moves to a big city to explore everything within their career field to learn how to make good advancements. I believe one should discipline themselves and get solid and locked into their career before they explore too many extracurricular activities that may throw them off course of their path.”

Marquelle Turner, Fashion Buyer & Commerical Manager

30 / New York, NY


“My greatest advice would be to remember the quote “shun not struggle for it’s God’s gift.” At my time of moving to NYC, I didn’t quite know what it meant but I came to embrace it over the course of my trajectory. The struggle is a part of life and therefore inevitable. How we struggle is reflected in our thinking and therefore based on perspective. Be open to knowing that plans will not go exactly as you had dreamed. Rest assured that there is more than one way to a final destination and there are some things you’ll need to go around or under but most things you’ll have to go through. When you come out on the other side, you’re stronger, more vigilant, flexible, and that much wiser. There are always two ways to look at punches life swings at you. “You can complain because a rose has thorns or you can rejoice because a thorn has roses.” It’s all about perspective!”

Kaye McCoy, Photographer

32 / Los Angeles, CA


“Be determined! Major cities mean lots of people, lots of competition but also lots of opportunities. If you’re determined to make it, you will!”

Vanice Alexander, Branded Video & Editorial Content Creator

23 / New York, NY


“Don’t be afraid to start over and leave what you currently have behind in order to have more later. If you truly know in your heart that you want to be in that city and you’re willing to work hard and get creative in order to make it work, just take the leap and do it. Don’t overthink it, you’ll think your way out of a great opportunity. When you find yourself worrying a lot, just work. Work has a funny way of getting rid of worry.”

Alexis Henry, Plus Model & Creative Director of FYBS

26 / New York, NY


“Save your loose change. Never underestimate the bodega change. I have paid for laundry, groceries, and flights simply off of saving my loose change. When you live in a major metro city, saving where you can is vital.”

Sabine Quetant, Director of Marketing

25 — Los Angeles, CA


“Find your tribe. It will get lonely and you will start to think why the hell did I move out here. Having a group of people you can connect with, vent to and grow with, will ground you and help you settle into this new world. It may take some effort and solo adventures at first, but well worth it to find the people who will hold you down.”

Charles Traynham, Retail Manager & Content Creator

23 — Los Angeles, CA


“You’re never going to feel ready. Just go with your gut and your heart. All the rest will fall into place.”

Antoine Ward, CEO

26 — New York, NY


“Get ready to fail.”

Chante Jackson, Makeup Artist

25 — Los Angeles, CA


“Be creative, original and improvise. Nothing will always go as planned so you will have to be flexible. Know how to get back up after a letdown and don’t be afraid of hearing “no”. It’s what makes you strong. You will without a doubt need to hear a few “no’s” to understand the value of a “yes”. Make the JOURNEY your intent and not so much the success in order to remain humble and take everything in. Most of all, stay true to yourself.”

Tyeal Howell, Co-Host Bosshood.

Digital and Editorial Assistant C&C

23 — Los Angeles, CA


“Write down your goals of what you want to accomplish in the big city. Then find the network you need to tap into to accomplish those goals.”

Ryan Staley, Co-Host Bosshood.

Social Media Strategist

23 — New York, NY


“Build your team. No matter where you are in the world, it’s important to keep a solid team of allies around you. My network of mentors, like-minded professionals, and genuine friends has been everything for my transition to New York City life. First, think strategically about the goals you have in this new space. Is it to gain more experience in your field? Of course. Is it to build your own brand? Is it to become comfortable navigating the city or finding like-minded people to connect with? Hopefully so. Building a team is almost like creating your own mini community. Second, start NOW. Rather you’re looking to move this year or in six years, you can start to build these relationships virtually now. LinkedIn and Google is your friend here. Think of the people who you could benefit from having you in your corner. Also, keep in mind how you can help them grow and build? The people I’ve built relationships here stimulate me on both a professional and personal level. It’s about the wisdom and insight that comes from experiencing new people. Put yourself out there. Make connections that matter. And along the way, as your career goals develop and shift, these people will be there to support you, help open new doors and work with you to make it happen.”


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