A Balanced Budget, A Balanced Life: Covering Your Financial Needs and Making The Most Of Your Time

When the days seem long and endless, focus less on managing work and home responsibilities, and more on spending time doing the things that are most meaningful. A balanced life isn’t achieved solely by managing time, it requires additional resources like support, guidance, and money management.

Money has the ability to do many things: buy food, books, and even happiness. Money can also buy time, and more time equals the possibility of time wealth. Time wealth here is defined as the creation of extra or free time and all the things you would do if you had more time. Having the time to do or stop doing the things you want or you don’t have positive life effects. Recent studies have reported correlations of buying time as a significant factor linked to greater life satisfaction. Happiness and life satisfaction are not the same; it is worth pointing out that life satisfaction is a more permanent, long-term state of being. “If I can buy time to give me more lasting experiences and less fleeting moments, sign me up.”

You might wonder, “How can I buy more time and make more money to buy this time. The hours are already tight and the money flow ain’t quick enough.”

A fix that requires both your patience and commitment is to continually make slight adjustments to your daily life. For some, putting money towards typically DIY tasks, cooking dinner, cleaning your apartment, car washes, and other services is an easy solution for time scarcity. For others, increasing time wealth requires more planning, patience, and the process of evaluating personal desires.

“By sticking to a balanced budget, you can afford to spend on these worthwhile activities, invest in your future, and have a little fun spending on yourself. Stick to your plan but also leave yourself some room for error to cover those moments when restraint is lacking.”