"I think there’s a lot of podcasts that are centered around professional development and social media and the conversations we are tackling, are similar, but we want to enter this network of podcasters with a fresh and diverse perspective. For example, talking to people that are 23 years old and starting their own business. Learning what is the experience really like for a young entrepreneur? What are the resources needed? Really highlighting the young professional experience."

Ryan and Tyeal could have stayed in Ohio after graduating college, but instead, they decided to take a leap towards their life’s purpose in the unfamiliar terrains of New York City and Los Angeles, California. That leap came with a journey familiar to those who are striving to become their best selves—one of introspection, growth, failure, mentorship, and understanding. That journey has become to be known as Bosshood. and this podcast is an event by event account of Ryan, Tyeal and any other go-getters and doers’ story to help those on the path and those yet to come. This podcast is a part of the Streamlined Media Group x R.LEGACY family.

Learn how Ryan and Tyeal came up with the Bosshood. idea and what to expect from the new podcast below. Listen to its first 5 episodes on Sou