Triston Manuel: Founder of Manuel Company

"Every product starts its life as an idea. In some cases, the idea comes out of a brainstorming session, while other ideas develop as a direct response to a need in the market or a response to a competitor product. I knew in the early stages of Manuel Company that we had to control the process. When you control the process, you control the quality. We want our products to last a lifetime."

When did you conceive the idea of Manuel company? What influenced you to focus on small leather goods?

The concept was conceived in late 2013 when I envisioned making a product in the USA from American made materials. I was laughed at and told such things cant be done in today’s day and age because factories are now overseas. I started Manuel Company with one goal in mind: Build better versions of products here in the United States using American made materials, and thats just what were doing. It just so happened that we build leather goods and accessories. We do so by partnering up with some amazing companies that have been around for quite some time. Were not just a leather goods company. Manuel Company is a watch company. We